Dealing With A Double Dip Recession


We seem to be faced with more bad news everyday when it comes to the economy, the Bank Of England has cut the growth forecast this year from 0.8% to almost nothing and figures for manufacturing output are showing a further decrease from figures published earlier in the year. So why have we been so busy here at BTP this year? And why does this look set to continue?

Like everyone, we felt the strain in 2009 when the recession first hit. But it’s important to learn, adapt and evolve from these situations. We have spent the last few years expanding our customer base as well as our product base so that we are able to deliver anything from one off bespoke work to high volume production work.

We continue to invest in new technology, which enables us to produce a large variety of different parts at competitive prices. As well as this, we also continue to streamline production, improve our customer service systems and always develop our staff’s skills with both internal and external training. All this means when times are hard, we are in the best possible position to cope.

So with the factory as busy as ever and regular entries in the order book, we can be confident that our philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to dealing with the economy will continue to help us maintain ourselves as one of the UK’s leading brass parts manufactures.


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