Introducing Rapid Prototyping


At Brass Turned Parts we truly believe that it is always important to find new ways to innovate and develop our business. By constantly looking for ways in which we can improve, we are able to continue offering our customers a great service and product at a competitive price. Our latest project has resulted in further investment in our ability to offer bespoke design to you, our customer.

By investing in this new technology we have introduced the ability to rapid prototype resin samples. This means we have progressed from purely being able to produce 3D computer images to being able to produce real world 3D resin samples. The advantage of this is that we are able to make several variations/alterations on a single design idea you may have very quickly, which offers you the advantage of being able to physically see whether the design you had in your head translates well to a physical product. It also offers you a much stronger perspective on individual features of your design, from where you are able to decide upon which features are desirable and which are not from various different prototype ideas. The result of this information is a final design that is as good, if not better than you had envisaged.

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We have already had plenty of positive feedback on how rapid prototyping has ironed out design floors early on before money was wasted in production! Some of these practical examples are detailed below:

  • Increasing the extrusion of a pull handle as the original design did not give enough room to get a hand behind the pull comfortably
  • Increasing the length of the flat area on a knocker handle foot as the original designs taper caused friction between the knocker and the foot when in use. (The rapid prototype printer is capable of printing multiple moving parts!)
  • Increased the size of a cupboard knob base as the original design looked out of proportion
  • Increased the flat on the front of a cupboard knob to allow for engraving

In the accompanying images you can see examples of various stages of our design process. This includes: 3D models, resin samples, manufactured brass parts and the final plated product.

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